Terms and Conditions

  • “Cheap Africa Tours” is a trade name that falls under the ShapShap Travel Group.
  • “The Company” refers to the ShapShap Travel Group and/ or the operators working with the ShapShap Travel Group.
  • “The Client” refers to you, the person reading this and/ or you, the person who is making a booking.


The ShapShap Travel Group is affiliated with the GGTO Foundation (Guarantee Fund for Specialized Tour Operators), under affiliate number 1291. With this, the ShapShap Travel Group meets the legal obligation to provide a guarantee to its clients as described in Article 7:512 of the Civil Code (the Netherlands).

The GGTO Foundation guarantees that clients will receive a refund of the already paid portion of their tour price if the tour operator is in financial insolvency. This may be before the departure of the client, but also during the stay of the client on location. Additionally, the GGTO Foundation ensures clients return if the tour operator, due to financial insolvency, cannot fullfil its obligations. A fixed amount of 15, – Euro per booking will be charged for this guarantee fund. Through this the guarantee fund is funded and maintained.

More info on this guarantee fund can be found at: www.stichting-ggto.nl

It is the client’s sole responsibility to ensure that passports, visas, health certificates, proof of vaccinations and any other required documentation are all in order for the countries to be visited. The Company cannot be held liable for any consequences, damages or claims if the client prior to commencement of the tour/ trek/ climb does not correctly attend to the client’s documentation and related matters.

The client’s passport has to have enough open pages for all the visas that are needed for each tour/ trek/ climb. If the client doesn’t have enough open pages in his/ her passport, the client might not be able to enter a country and the client might be sent back to his/ her country of residence. Any costs incurred as a result hereof will be at the expense of the client. The client’s passport has to be valid for at least six (6) more months after the tour/ trek/ climb ends.

The name provided in the booking form should be exactly the same as in the client’s passport. The client is solely responsible for the correct name provided. The Company will in no way be held liable for any consequences arising from incorrect information provided.

Comprehensive travel and cancellation insurance is mandatory on all tours/ treks/ climbs. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that he/ she has this insurance in place and the required paperwork to prove such before embarking on the tour/ trek/ climb. Any resulting consequence of not having this paperwork is the sole responsibility of the client. It is a condition of travel that guests must have travel insurance that covers cancellation/ curtailment, medical expenses and baggage loss. The Company cannot be held responsible for any costs incurred by any airline delays.

All baggage and personal effects are at all times the client’s responsibility and the Company does not accept any liability for any loss or damage of any personal effects, howsoever arising. Clients are entitled to one bag of not more than 20 kg and a daypack. Should the client require a larger baggage allowance, this can be arranged at the discretion of the Company and on payment of a fee that the Company may levy. The Company retains the right to refuse excess baggage. In the case of the Kilimanjaro climb, the maximum weight is limited to a maximum of 15 kg and a daypack. 

Please note: If you bring a suitcase it might be left behind or you may be charged a fee to carry it if it does not fit into your locker. Locker dimentions: 70cm x 40cm x 38cm.

The client accepts that all tours/ treks/ climbs are of an adventurous nature and involve an element of personal risk. The Company shall not be held liable in any way for any injury, loss of life or damage to property, howsoever caused and the client hereby indemnifies and holds the Company, assigns and servants harmless from any such claim. The client accepts full responsibility for all risks involved.

The client accepts that to participate in the tour/ trek/ climb requires a measure of physical fitness and health and it is the client’s obligation to ensure that they are medically fit to embark on the tour/ trek/ climb. The Company may however require a medical certificate or doctor’s letter in respect of all clients over the age of 55, confirming that they are medically fit to undertake the tour/ trek/ climb.

 It is important that the client confirms whether or not he/ she needs any vaccinations or prophylactics before the start of the tour/ trek/ climb. The Company suggests that the client speaks to his/ her doctor or pharmacist about the tour/ trek/ climb and the areas that he/ she will visit. It is also not possible for the Company to judge whether a tour/ trek/ climb will suit any client’s current medical condition. The Company suggests that the client speaks to his/ her doctor before the tour/ trek/ climb.

The decisions of the tour/ trek/ climb leader during a tour/ trek/ climb shall at all times be final and binding. The client must at all times comply with the laws, customs and foreign exchange regulations of all countries visited. Should the client be in any contravention of the above or the client is a nuisance to the group the tour/ trek/ climb leader may order the client to leave the tour/ trek/ climb without any claim to a refund. The client shall be obliged to make their way home at their own expense.

The Company reserves the right to use any photographs and videos made by the Company and its staff during tours/ treks/ climbs for use in marketing or any other advertising material and the client hereby gives consent of such photographs and videos to be used. The Company will retain copyright over such material. The Company also reserves the right to use photographs and videos sent to the Company by the client as marketing or any other advertising material and it may be used in our guestbook or photo gallery.

Unforeseen circumstances including, but not limited to war, mechanical breakdowns, weather, riots and other unforeseen reasons beyond the control of the Company may cause delays or alterations to the tour/ trek/ climb. The Company shall not be held liable in any way for any of these possible occurrences or any consequences, which may arise as a result of these.

All countries are different from what the client might be used to, but that is probably one of the reasons why the client is going there. The client will experience a different world and the client will be out of his/ her comfort zone. That means the client will be in contact with different customs and cultures and different mentalities. That is part of the reason and the appeal of why the client is going on a tour/ trek/ climb. The client has to keep in mind that something might happen on tour/ trek/ climb that is not planned for. Some things are just different than at home. Meals, hotels, vehicles and infrastructures differ from country to country and where the client comes from and what the client is used to.

We, the ShapShap Travel Group (travel agents) sell tours/ treks/ climbs, which are organised by operators. These tours/ treks/ climbs have an adventurous nature. It is possible that some unforeseen changes might have to be made during a tour/ trek/ climb. Different routes might be taken or overnights at camps or lodges might change due to certain unforeseen circumstances.

Each tour/ trek/ climb has a minimum and maximum number of participants. In the unlikely event that the minimum number of participants are not met, the client will be informed by the Company at least 21 days before the start of the tour/ trek/ climb. In this case the client will receive a full refund of the payments made to the Company by the client.

If the client is travelling by him/ herself, the client will share a room or tent with another person of the same sex as far as possible. If the client wants to be assured of his/ her own room or tent, the client can pay the single supplement and the Company will as far as possible supply the client with his/ her own tent or room. This information can be found in the tour/ trek/ climb description.

Please note: the Single Supplement is compulsory when the client is travelling alone on one of the accommodated group tours or the Kilimanjaro climb.

On this site the client will find practical information and a detailed day to day description of each tour/ trek/ climb. Please read this important information carefully, since it forms part of the terms and conditions. This information will not be sent to the client automatically. If the client does not have access to the internet, the Company could, on request, send all this information to the client via mail.


  • After the client has sent in a booking form, the Company will send the first of two invoices to the client. The first invoice will be for a 30% non-refundable deposit of the tour price. This invoice has to be paid within 7 days to guarantee a place on a tour/ trek/ climb. Rates will be converted to Euro (or another major currency such as USA Dollar or British Pound if you prefer) using the average rate of the previous 7 days.
  • The second invoice for the outstanding 70% of the tour price and any other items (such as the optional activity package, hotels and transfers etc.) will be sent to the client 10 weeks before departure. This invoice will also have to be paid in full within 7 days after it was sent. Rates will be converted to Euro using the average rate of the previous 7 days before the second invoice is sent.
  • Once the full payment has been received, the client will receive a travel voucher which will serve as the client's confirmation. Check the voucher for names and number of participants.
  • Please note: When booking a tour/ trek/ climb less than 6 weeks before the start of a tour/ trek/ climb, payments have to be made in full per direct after receiving an invoice.


If a Client wishes to transfer from one tour to another, outside the 60-days prior to departure period, no fee applies. Changing the date of a tour, within 60 days of departure, is subject to a fee of 15% of the tour price or ZAR 2 000, whichever is the higher of the two. On a tour, where a Gorilla Permit is required, the full amount of the permit will be added to the aforementioned fee to move the client (Gorilla permits are not refundable).

The Company reserves the right to adjust the price of each tour/ trek/ climb. This may be caused by fluctuations in currency, fuel prices, VAT or the likes.

After the client’s confirmation of the tour/ trek/ climb the Company will inform the client of any more details about the tour/ trek/ climb via e- mail. If the client doesn’t have an e- mail address the Company could send the information by mail. In this case the client has to provide a mailing address.

In the case of a booking cancellation by the client, the Company shall retain 30% of the total payment made to the Company. If a booking is cancelled less than sixty days (60) prior to the tour/ trek/ climb departure date, then the client is subject to a cancellation fee as follows:

  • 30 – 60 days – 50% of total payment made to the Company,
  • 10 – 29 days – 75% of total payment made to the Company,
  • 00 – 09 days – 100% of total payment made to the Company.

Please note: Gorilla permits are non-refundable

Any client joining a tour/ trek/ climb after the departure date, or not at all, or leaving before the completion of the tour/ trek/ climb for any reason whatsoever, is not entitled to any refunds whatsoever from the Company, or entitled to claim any costs for any added expenses. Tours/ treks/ climbs can be subject to a minimum booking. If that number is not obtained, the Company reserves the right to cancel the tour/ trek/ climb. A refund of the payment made to the Company by the client would then be payable. The Company reserves the right to cancel any tour/ trek/ climb at its sole and absolute discretion, without prior notification in instances where this is unavoidable. However, in this instance the Company agrees to refund the total payment made to the Company by the client. This shall be the Company’s sole responsibility to the client and no claim for any damages, howsoever arising, shall accrue against the Company.

This website is created, maintained and controlled in the Netherlands and as such, the laws of the Netherlands and the jurisdiction of the Dutch court govern this user agreement and the use or inability to use this site.