Departure dates l Cape Town to Nairobi Camping Tour

Please note: The second half of this tour (from Vic Falls to Nairobi) runs as a combination of the Camping and the Accommodated tour. This means that there will be camping AND accommodated clients on the same tour (20 max), with the only big difference being that the campers camp at night and those who booked the accommodated tour will have a room at the lodge/ hotel for the night.
Please note:
 the most popular period to do this tour is between June and October. This means that tours departing during these months fill up quickly. To avoid disappointment, try to book your tour well in advance.

  • Tour prices 2019

Camping tour: ZAR 52 500 
* Optional activity package: ZAR 11 340

* The Activity Package is an Optional additional payment that covers what we consider to be the essential, not to be missed activities on our tours. This payment is 100% transparent and is listed here and in the detailed tour dossier. 

If you want to include the all the activities in the Activity Package to your tour, you can pay for the complete package when you book the tour, or you can pay for it in cash on the morning of the tour departure. 

If you don’t want to include the Activity Package in your tour, you can still change your mind later and pay for the activities on the spot during your tour- just keep in mind that it will be subject to availability.

  • Departure dates 2019

GTD: Guaranteed departure date. On all other dates we only need 4 clients to confirm any tour, so please contact us to find out how many clients are booked at the moment.
GER: German translator available on the first 20 days of this tour (from Cape Town to Vic Falls). The whole tour is still conducted in English.

Departure dates End dates
Departs: 05 Nov 2019 Ends: 15 Dec 2019 GER
Departs: 19 Nov 2019 Ends: 29 Dec 2019
Departs: 03 Dec 2019 Ends: 12 Jan 2020
Departs: 10 Dec 2019 Ends: 19 Jan 2020 GTD


  • Tour prices 2020 - 40 day tour in 2020

Camping tour: ZAR 71 950

From 2020, we will be doing away with the optional activity package. This is in line with the move towards becoming a more inclusive tour operator.

  • All-inclusive pricing: In 2020 we will be adding the most popular Activity Package items into the tour price meaning you will have 1 price for the tour.
  • All meals included: All meals from start to finish will be provided.
  • Filtered water: Clients will have access to purified drinking water on the truck for the duration of the tour.
2020 Tour dossier
  • Departure dates 2020 - 40 day tour in 2020

GTD: Guaranteed departure date. On all other dates we only need 4 clients to confirm any tour, so please contact us to find out how many clients are booked at the moment.
German translator available (tour is still run in English).

Departure dates End dates
Departs: 14 Jan 2020 Ends: 22 Feb 2020 GTD
Departs: 28 Jan 2020 Ends: 07 Mar 2020 GTD GER
Departs: 11 Feb 2020 Ends: 21 Mar 2020 GTD
Departs: 25 Feb 2020 Ends: 04 Apr 2020 GTD
Departs: 10 Mar 2020 Ends: 18 Apr 2020 GTD
Departs: 24 Mar 2020 Ends: 02 May 2020 GTD
Departs: 07 Apr 2020 Ends: 16 May 2020 GTD GER
Departs: 21 Apr 2020 Ends: 30 May 2020 GTD
Departs: 05 May 2020 Ends: 13 Jun 2020 GTD
Departs: 19 May 2020 Ends: 27 Jun 2020 GTD
Departs: 02 Jun 2020 Ends: 11 Jul 2020 GTD
Departs: 16 Jun 2020 Ends: 25 Jul 2020 GTD GER
Departs: 30 Jun 2020 Ends: 08 Aug 2020 GTD
Departs: 14 Jul 2020 Ends: 22 Aug 2020 GTD
Departs: 21 Jul 2020 Ends: 29 Aug 2020
Departs: 28 Jul 2020 Ends: 05 Sep 2020 GER
Departs: 11 Aug 2020 Ends: 19 Sep 2020
Departs: 25 Aug 2020 Ends: 03 Oct 2020 GTD
Departs: 08 Sep 2020 Ends: 17 Oct 2020
Departs: 22 Sep 2020 Ends: 31 Oct 2020
Departs: 06 Oct 2020 Ends: 14 Nov 2020 GTD GER
Departs: 20 Oct 2020 Ends: 28 Nov 2020
Departs: 03 Nov 2020 Ends: 12 Dec 2020
Departs: 17 Nov 2020 Ends: 26 Dec 2020
Departs: 01 Dec 2020 Ends: 09 Jan 2021