Top 10 funny animal names in Africa

Published on 21 February 2019 at 09:45

There are some pretty funny and weird names given to different animals in Africa, especially if you have a look at the Afrikaans language. Afrikaans is a language widely spoken throughout South Africa, Namibia and even in some parts of Botswana. 

Below you will see the English animal name, the animal name in Afrikaans... and a translation back to English of that Afrikaans name. Clearly, Afrikaans speaking people have a great sense of humour... and there is just something special about pigs and horses and lazy animals. Enjoy.

English name Afrikaans name Translation
Leopard Luiperd Lazy horse
Cheetah Jagluiperd Hunting lazy horse
Giraffe Kameelperd Camel horse
Python Luislang Lazy snake
Warthog Vlakvark Shallow pig
Hedgehog Krimpvark Shrinking pig
Porcupine Ystervark Iron pig
Springbuck Springbok Jumping buck
Impala Rooibok Red buck
Hippo Seekoei Sea cow

Above: Leopard elephant 
Below: Camel horse

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